Samiyyah (Sam) Boston

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About Samiyyah (Sam) Boston

Samiyyah (Sam) Boston is an Air Force wife and mother to four girls. She has had her fair share of moving, as a part of the greater sacrifice of serving our country. She grew up in the coastal town of Georgetown, SC and graduated from the University of South Carolina (Columbia) with a Bachelor's of Science in Finance and later earned a M.B.A. degree in 2010.
Her career started as an auditor in 2008. In 2013, she became a licensed securities broker and financial solutions advisor at Merrill Lynch. She developed acute financial plans for clients and helped them navigate the stock and bond markets, during a tumultuous time. While at Merrill Lynch, she felt the impact of helping clients make life-changing decisions and knew she was destined to continue helping people realize their dreams. Sam desired to extend her services beyond financial advice and planning and into the real estate industry.
Sam purchased the first of many distressed homes in 2015, and a hobby turned to profitability, with her first flip. Because experience is the best teacher, she positioned herself at the closing table as both a seller and buyer on numerous occasions with personal properties and investment projects throughout the southeast. Being a self-taught, real estate investor, she understands the financial investment of buying and the important bottom-dollar of selling. As a licensed REALTOR® in Florida, Sam wants to use all of her expertise to make you a winner at closing. She knows you just can't rely on a book smart agent but need a well-rounded representative with real experience. She has numerous accolades and career achievements. She practiced as a licensed real estate professional in Texas before relocating to the Space Coast in Florida, while her husband still serves as an active duty military service member. Call today to see why her former clients were beyond satisfied with her customer service and expertise!